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Eastern Polytechnic Governing Council

The Polytechnic is under the distinguished Governing Council leadership of Prof. Jerry Agada, former Minister of State for Education.

The Governing Council consists of the following:
Chairman and Members appointed by the Founder/Proprietor of Eastern Polytechnic.

The chairman & members of the Governing Council holds office for a period of 2yrs from date of appointment/inauguration, and are eligible for re–nomination/appointment for not more than another term of 2yrs.

To be responsible for the general management of the affairs of the polytechnic.

Have power to appoint committees from among its own members and to make rules for the conduct of the business of such committees.

Have power to appoint Advisory Committees or other bodies among its members.

Have power to make rules for the purpose of exercising any of its respective functions or regulating its own procedures.

Do all such things as may reasonably be necessary for the advancement or enhancement of the objectives of the Polytechnic.

Short Courses shall be approved by the Governing Council.
Short Courses are great ways to pick up new skills for professional and personal development. In addition to the regular NBTE accredited programmes, this will enhance career options for adult learners and artisans in the society.

Short courses should be designed with focus on areas that will provide vocational skills, aligned to the needs of employers and industry. Its duration may be between six months and one year which will lead to the award of certificates or diplomas as the case may be. They are subject to review by the council from time to time.

The decisions of the governing council shall be subject to ratification by the founder/proprietor of the polytechnic before they can be functional or carried out. Although the Council is the overall policy maker, it is not involved in the execution and day-to-day running of the Institution. A member can be replaced based on misconduct. Its functions are in advisory capacity. The Governing Council functions may be more effective through Committees in which their members are constituted.

They are:

  • Appointments/Promotions and Disciplinary Committee
  • Students Welfare Committee
  • Finance/Physical Planning/Development Committee
  • Academic Planning/Accreditation/Partnership Committee

However, the Governing Council has the power to constitute Ad-Hoc Committees as deemed necessary from time to time.


  • Dr. S. A. N. Egwu, JP – Proprietor/Founder
  • Prof. Jerry Agada – Chairman
  • His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Isaac C. Nwaobia, Ph.D. – Member
  • Prof. Samuel Akinseinde – Member
  • Prof. O. V. C. Okene – Member
  • Ayo Obi Edung-Ogon – Member
  • H. H. Eze S.C. Nwokoma – Member
  • Surv. Ibrahim S. Jahun – Member
  • Engr. Jacob Yeboah (Ghana) – Member
  • Hon. Kenneth Kobani (Secretary to Riv. State Government (SSG) – Member
  • Engr. Benjamin A. Onunwor – Member
  • NBTE Representative – Member
  • Barr. Benson E. Egwu – Rector/Secretary
  • Barr. Ogonda Orianwo – Member

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